Zodiac MX AX Tune Up Kit on Sale

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Zodiac MX AX Tune Up Kit

It’s quality that makes Zodiac the world’s leading automatic pool cleaner company. The array of Zodiac parts can be mind bending, but luckily you have an expert team here at Mr Pool Man that can supply the entire range of genuine Zodiac parts at affordable prices.

The Zodiac MX Tune Up Kit is an easy, affordable solution for your Zodiac Tune-up needs. Ideal for the MX8 Pool Cleaner, MX6 Pool Cleaner, AX10 Pool Cleaner and the Baracuda Tracker Pool Cleaner! 0All Genuine parts are backed by Zodiac’s 12 month warranty!

Features –

  • 1 x Zodiac Reverse Assembly Side A Product Number: 11162600
  • 1 x Zodiac Reverse Assembly Side B Product Number:11162700
  • 1 x Zodiac Propeller Engine Product Number: 11162900
  • 2 x Zodiac Tyre Tracks Product Number: A0166100
  • 2 x Zodiac Drive Shaft Assembly Product Number: 30022700
  • 2 x Zodiac Bearings Product Number: W7230223


Benefits –

  • Bring your old cleaner back to life
  • Easy to fit parts with basic tools
  • cleaner running like new at a fraction of the cost of a new unit


This upgrade kit is compatible with the following suction cleaners:

  1. Baracuda Tracker Pool Cleaner
  2. Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner
  3. Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner
  4. Zodiac AX10 Pool Cleaner (NEW)


Zodiac MX AX Tune Up Kit on Sale