Zodiac Aquasphere Baracuda Automatic Pool Cleaner Head Only For Discount

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Zodiac Aquasphere Baracuda Automatic Pool Cleaner Head Only

The Aquasphere Pool Cleaner Head Only is part of the reputable Barracuda range. Created specifically for the budget conscious, the Aquasphere Pool Cleaner gives you a powerful cleaning solution at a great price.

Ideal for both in and above ground domestic pools, the Aquasphere has the trademark one moving part that makes it durable with very little maintenance.

The Aquasphere is one of Zodiac’s best kept secrets: It is an incredibly durable pool cleaner that performs quite well in all pool surfaces – and yet its priced very attractively.

The excellent results it delivers are a product of its classic, time-tested design. It is basically a mature product that is robust, effective and works well.

This is the Head-Only version of the cleaner. It is ideal if you just want to upgrade your current cleaner and keep your current baracuda hoses.


    • Works on all surfaces
    • No moving parts to jam, wear or come adrift
    • The diaphragm system sucks up dirt and debris with ease
    • Finned disc scrubs the pool surface
    • Autocontrol valve
    • Head-Only Version , no hosen(Use your current baracuda hoses)
    • Low Noise Levels
    • Excellent Coverage
    • Increased Efficiency with Weir Valve
    • 2 Year warranty on Head Only


    Includes –

    • Aquasphere Pool Cleaner
    • Wheel Adaptor
    • AD Flow Valve
    • Weir Adaptor
    • Hose Weight
    • Wheel Deflector
    • Leader Hose Adaptor
    • Hose Protective Mesh
    • Note: This is the HEAD-ONLY Version. No hoses are included. Uses standard Baracusa (1.5″) Hoses.


    Easy Pool Suction Cleaner Assembly and Installation Guide:

    Getting your new suction cleaner up and running is not as complicated as many people think and you can actually set one up in under five minutes! 

    • Install the skirt over the base (wearing sole) of the suction cleaner. 
    • If you cleaner uses wings, attach them from the rear to the front and clip them together.
    • Install the deflector ring or bumper (if you skip this, the cleaner has the tendency to get caught in corners).
    • Connect the hose lengths, just enough to cover the size of your pool. If you have extras, just keep them as spares. 
    • Submerge the cleaner in your pool and hold the end of the hose against a return jet to blow out the air in the hoses. Once the cleaner has stopped bubbling, connect the hose to your skimmer’s vacuum plate. 
    • If you’re using a flow valve, adjust the flow to the required level.
    • Attach hose weights if your hose is pulling your cleaner up, and hose floats if your hose is dragging or getting tangled up.
    • After using, disassemble your cleaner, give it a hose down with fresh water and store away from direct sunlight. Don’t forget to empty out your skimmer and pump baskets as well after cleaning the pool with a suction cleaner.

    If you’re more of a visual-type person, here’s a video of how a suction cleaner is assembled. (It will open in a new window, don’t worry)

      Zodiac Aquasphere Baracuda Automatic Pool Cleaner Head Only For Discount