About Us

Our Dad founded Mr Pool Man way back in the 1998 and raised us with a no B-S philosophy. “Treat people well, be honest, and you’ll sleep good at night”. Safe to say my brother and I, who now own and operate Mr Pool Man, have taken that philosophy and run with it, business included.

More about Dad: After stepping out of a corporate national sales role, Hardy wanted to start his own pool maintenance business and live the self-employed dream.“What a paycheque change that was” – Hardy circa ~1999.

Imagine an Aussie bloke with a German background, who cuts to the chase, does things once and does them properly. That’s Dad. He dances to the beat of his own drum and doesn’t care for smoke and mirrors. Now, apply that to the pool industry, and you get Mr Pool Man.

Dad’s now more of a wise-owl in the business, acting as a sound-board, injecting knowledge from experience and encouraging us to “try anything once”.