BWT Robotic Pool Cleaner Cosmy 200 Floor & Walls Discount

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BWT Robotic Pool Cleaner Cosmy 200 Floor & Walls

Efficiency meets elegance

Despite its compact size, the modern design allows faster and more efficient cleaning with low energy consumption. The COSMY 200 allows easy operation at the touch of a button. Thanks to its two-stage planetary gear in combination with two traction motors, even soiling in hard-to-reach places is no problem. The ergonomic and intuitive design also makes the pool robot a real eye-catcher in the pool!

Extremely light
Your back will thank you – the COSMY 200 is only half as heavy as conventional pool robots and is therefore particularly user-friendly. The quick-drain system makes it easy to carry and remove from the pool.

Stable on any surface
With its on-board technology, no obstacle is too heavy for the COSMY 200. Even in steep places, it navigates with ease and adapts to the surface to be cleaned. The optimised navigation in lanes, guarantees complete cleaning, regardless of the shape of the pool. This makes the COSMY one of the strongest pool robots on the market.

  • MODERN TECHNOLOGY: Two-stage planetary gear combined with two drive motors for unparalleled reliability.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: Its light weight and compact size make the COSMY 200 particularly user-friendly, making it very easy to lift in and out of the pool
  • POWERFUL: Reliably cleans the bottom, wall and waterline of pools up to 10 metres in length in max. 2.5 hours, thanks to logical drive mode very economical in consumption
  • TARGETED CONTROL PER APP: Easy setup and control of the robot via the associated, free COSMY App

App control: Yes
Brush type: PVC brush
Cable length: 16 m
Consumption: 150 Watt
Dimensions (w x h x d): 375 x 200 x 365
Drive technology: Planetary gear technology
Duration of the cleaning: 1.5 h, 2 h or 2.5 h + remote control via smartphone app
Filter type: Single layer filter, 150 mesh
For pools up to: 12 metres length
Manufacturer’s warranty: 24 months
Motor: 2 drive motors
Navigation system: Smart Navigation + Gyroscope
Power supply: 29 Volt, Mars + APP
Suction power: 15 m³/h | > 37.500 litres at 2,5 h runtime
Type of cleaning: Floor, wall, waterline
Weight: 5,75 kg

BWT Robotic Pool Cleaner Cosmy 200 Floor & Walls Discount