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Zodiac Tornax TX30 Robotic Pool Cleaner

 The Zodiac Tornax TX30 is the best bang-for-your-buck when it comes to robotic pool cleaners. It has everything you’ll ever want from a high-end robotic pool cleaner without the attached high-end price tag!

Ultra Energy Efficient
The Tornax TX30 is self-contained, meaning that it doesn’t rely on your pool pump to clean the pool. It only costs $0.05 per hour to run so a standard 2.5 hour cleaning cycle will cost you $0.125! Talk about energy Efficiency!

Easy Filter Clean Up
The Zodiac Tornax TX30’s filter canister can be safely ejected with a push of a button for easy clean up! No need to open up the robotic pool cleaner or turn it upside down to get rid of all of the dirt and debris removed from your pool.

Pre-Programmed Motion
With Zodiac’s pre-programmed cleaning paths, never miss a spot on your pool ever again. No matter what shape your pool is, you’ll be assured that every single inch is scrubbed and cleaned after it has completed its cleaning cycle unlike other automatic pool cleaners that randomly move around the pool hoping to catch everything.

True Hassle-Free Pool Cleaning
Nothing to assemble or put together! Simply plug in the Tornax into a standard wall socket, turn it on and drop it into the pool! The true essence of plug-and-play pool cleaning!

Upgradable Filter Canister
You can upgrade the Tornax’s built in 200-micron filter canister to a 100-micron filter canister for even finer water filtration. For a few dollars more, you can enjoy clearer pool water without investing in upgrading your pool’s filtration system.

Unmatched Support from Mr Pool Man and Zodiac
With its 2-year warranty, you’ll have peace of mind with Zodiac’s warranty in place, making sure that any and all concerns will be adressed in a timely manner. Not only that, Mr Pool Man also carries the largest range of spare parts and repair kits for Zodiac products so you’ll never be at a loss for parts if your Tornax TX30 needs upgrades or repairs. 

P.S. The Tornax TX30 is the same exact model as the Zodiac Tornax TX35 but without the included caddy.

  • Suitable for most shapes of in-ground pools up to 10m x 5m
  • Suitable for all pools surfaces!
  • Suitable for small, medium and large debris
  • Covers both floor and walls
  • 2.5 hour cleaning cycle
  • 16.5m cable (no swivel)


Step-By-Step Usage Instructions 

While the Tornax TX30 is ultra-easy to use and virtually requires no installation, here’s a quick rundown of how to operate your new robotic pool cleaner.

  • Take the unit out from its box or carrying caddy.
  • Position the control unit near the power outlet and at least 5 feet away from the edge of the pool.
  • Securely attach the floating cable to the control box and then plug the box into a GFCI approved outlet.
  • Submerge the cleaner vertically into the water and move it around to release all of the trapped air.
  • Once the bubbles stop, allow the robotic pool cleaner to drop to the bottom of the pool.
  • Spread the floating cable all over the pool, making sure that it’s free of any tangles, coils, or kinks.
  • Turn on the cleaner via the control box and apply any personalised settings (if any are required)
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold drink or coffee while the robotic pool cleaner is doing its job.
  • Once the cleaning cycle is complete, drain the robotic cleaner of any water, empty out and rinse the built-in filter canister, hose down the cleaner and store the cleaner away from direct sunlight.


Features and Benefits:

  • Floor and wall cleaning
  • Large Mouth Opening – 16cm x 2cm
  • Comes with 200 micron canister
  • For extra fine debris, 100 micron filter canister available separately
  • Extra large debris such as twigs, large nuts and large leaves may need to be removed from pool manually
  • Front scrubbing brushes quickly brush and remove debris from floor and stuck on walls for deep clean
  • Easy top access filter canister with large handle.
  • Transparent window to view debris collected
  • Easy to remove cleaner from the water with large handle
  • The TX30 is light weight with the body only weighing 5.5kg
  • 2 – Year Zodiac Warranty Limited*
  • 1 Year only on filter canister
  • Not recommended for use on pools with a liner thiner than 7mm

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      Zodiac Tornax TX30 Robotic Pool Cleaner Discount