Pentair Rebel 2 Automatic Pool Cleaner For Cheap

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Pentair Rebel 2 Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Pentair Rebel 2 Automatic Pool Cleaner is one of the best selling automatic pool cleaners in the market today because of its reliability and availability of parts. It also has a lot of features that you cannot find in many automatic pool cleaners that make cleaning your pool a breeze.

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New features of the Pentair Rebel 2 –

  1. Improved steady-grip tire traction with new, added tread for outstanding wall climbing performance.
  2. Ball bearings rather than wheel brushes were added to increase durability and life of the cleaner. 
  3. Longer cam run for larger pools for less turning intervals
  4. Increased ground clearance and dual-action roller skirt manoeuvres up and over obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning
  5. Longer and more flexible leader hose reduces breaching of the waterline and assists in cleaner manoeuvrability




  • Advanced Hydraulic Technology – Allows for easy use with variable or two-speed pumps.
  • Programmaed steering ensures that you gain full coverage whenever cleaning your pool.
  • Sure-Flow Turbine Technology – Allows dirt and debris to easily pass through the cleaner without clogging it.
  • Dual-Action Roller Skirt – Provides the ability to move over any obstacle for non-stop cleaning.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance – No need to spend hour installing or maintaining this pool cleaner.
  • Superior Performance in All Pool Types – Use it with a tile, fiberglass, gunite or vinyl pool.


  • Full Coverage of your Pool – No more using a cleaner that doesn’t complete the job.
  • User-Friendly – Just attach the skimmer hoses or a dedicated vacuum line and you’re all set.
  • Works with all Pumps – This no hassle pool cleaner will work with variable or dual speed pumps.
  • Won’t Clog – No more stopping your pool cleaner halfway through the job to unclog it.
  • Works in Pools Other Cleaners Can’t – You can use this cleaner in any type of pool and it will pick up sand, leaves and other debris other cleaners leave behind.
  • 3 Year Warranty – *Warranty excludes tracks and gear assembly which are considered consumable wear and tear items and are only covered by 1-year warranty. This is standard with all brands of cleaners.



  • Pentair Rebel Pool Cleaner
  • 10 x 1m Hose Sections
  • Rebel Hose Float
  • Flow Regulator Valve
  • Flow Testing Gauge
  • Skimmer Fitting Kit
  • Owners Manual
  • Warranty Card


    Pentair Rebel 2 Automatic Pool Cleaner For Cheap