Polaris Quattro Sport Pressure Pool Cleaner For Cheap

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Polaris Quattro Sport Pressure Pool Cleaner

The NEW Polaris Quattro Sport Pressure Cleaner is our latest offering in the pressure cleaning category. Equipped with a variety of fantastic features and awesome cleaning capability, the Quattro will leave your pool looking spotless after completing its cycle. 

Owners of the Quattro can look forward to eradicating large, fine and stubborn debris thanks to the effective Active Brushes and Dual-stage Filtration system. The agile Quattro is also a gifted climber, easily navigating the most irregular shaped floor and walls.

Multi-directional navigation

The advanced multi-directional navigation technology ensures maximum coverage of your pool, eliminating the need to manually clean areas that traditional cleaners miss.

4WD Agility

The Quattro has been designed with 4WD technology, making it one of the most agile pressure cleaners on the market.

Extra-large debris intake

The Quattro’s large debris canister allows it to collect debris of all shapes and sizes.

Superior vacuum power

Easily vacuums up large or stubborn debris, such as acorns, leaves and pebbles.



  • Active brushing attacks fine and stubborn debris
  • Aggressive wall-climbing capabilities
  • Dual-stage filtration
  • Extra-large debris intake & superior vacuum power
  • Multi-directional navigation
  • Large, easy-to-clean debris canister


    Polaris Quattro Sport Pressure Pool Cleaner For Cheap