Mechanical Seal – Suits 1/2 Davey XA & XB Sale

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Mechanical Seal – Suits 1/2 Davey XA & XB

Leaking Davey pool pump? This Mechanical Seal suits 1/2 Davey XA & XB will protect your motor from getting damaged by water slipping through your mechanical seals.  

Replacement 1/2″ mechanical seal used in Davey XA & XB pumps.

We recommend changing the bearings in the motor when changing the mechanical seal, if there has been water leaking from the wet end, it could have penetrated into the motorhousing causing corrosion to the bearings. Please ensure your pump drive shaft requires the 1/2 size which is the most common pool pump Mechanical Seal.

  • This seal is a direct replacement for the original part
  • Easy Replacement
  • A leaking shaft seal can damage the electric motor very quickly
  • If the pump is leaking from underneath, most likely this seal needs to be replaced

  • High quality Aftermarket Seals



Mechanical Seal - Suits 1/2 Davey XA & XB Sale