Onga Pump Leisuretime LTP 750 1.0HP Fashion

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Onga Pump Leisuretime LTP 750 1.0HP

In need of a Pool Pump? Mr Pool Man stocks the largest range of Leisuretime 1.0HP pool pumps online from Onga at great prices.

Onga Pentair is a leading global manufacturer of Pool Pumps, Pool Filters, Pool Cleaners and Salt Water Chlorinators. Onga has been shaped by the “pool professional” so by extension the pool owner directly benefits from cutting edge technology developed into leading pool supplies. With the reputation for durability, performance and high quality pool supplies it’s easy to see why Onga are a quality choice amongst professionals.


  • Self-Aligning Barrel Unions – Onga’s unique 5 degree self-aligning barrel unions make pipework connection a breeze.
  • Electrical approvals – Incorporating an elevated mount into the pump design keeps moisture well away from the motor.
  • Corrosion resistant end shield – Unique cast iron end shield for better corrosion protection extending the life of the pump.
  • Large hair and lint pot with see through lid – Easy to clean large hair and lint pot with a clear lid so you can check at a glance whether or not it is full.
  • Low friction lint pot O-ring – Having a low friction teflon self-lubricating O-ring on the lint pot means you only need to tighten the lid by hand. No tools are necessary and because you only tighten by hand, removing the lid is also a simple task.



  • Can be used as solar heating pump
  • Suits in-ground pools
  • Hair and lint pot and barrel unions included
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

  • *Note – Mechanical seal and bearings only covered by 12 month manufacturers warranty



Quick Pool Pump Installation Guide:

Installing a pool pump is as simple as swapping out your old pump to a new one. But if the new one isn’t designed to retrofit with your current pump, then don’t worry too much, with some basic tools and some elbow grease, you’ll have your new pump installed in no time. 

  • Turn off the power to your pool equipment at the mains and switch off any valves leading to and from the pump to give you a splash free-environment while you work. 
  • Detach the pump from the power supply and unscrew the unions. 
  • Note: If you have an older pump that’s hard plumbed into your system then you may have to saw off the current pipes. Cut as close to the pump as possible. If this is the case then now might be a good time to install unions. 
  • Remove the pump and set aside. Position new pump on where the old pump previously was and assess what kind of plumbing needs to be done. It should be as simple as mounting the pump properly and screwing in unions. But if not, do the necessary plumbing work and connect your pump. 
  • Once the pump is plumbed in, open up all the valves and connect the power. 
  • Turn on the pump to see if the pump is working. Check for any leaks and that’s it!

    Onga Pump Leisuretime LTP 750 1.0HP Fashion