BWT Robotic Pool Cleaner B100 Floor Only Hot on Sale

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BWT Robotic Pool Cleaner B100 Floor Only

Adjustable intake
BWT pool cleaners feature the most powerful suction of any robot on the market. Suction can be increased up to twofold, thanks to precise adjustment of the intake valves.

Efficient travel
With four large wheels, BWT robotic cleaners cope with any obstacles, moving easily between toys forgotten on the pool floor by your children. Simple and robust travel, perfect for a family pool.

4D Filter for optimal filtration
The 4D filter consists of elastic 3D microfiber loops, which, coupled with the vibrating motion, maximizes water throughput. The vibration improves the suction power and prevents clogging of the filters. The 4D filter traps even the tiniest impurities. From leaves to grains of sand, nothing escapes.

Plug & play and easy cleaning
At the press of its start button, the BWT pool cleaner gets to work, cleaning the pool all by itself. A lever allows the filter to be released, pulled out from above and then cleaned without getting your hands dirty.

Transparent filter lid
The transparent filter lid allows monitoring of filter fouling without having to remove the filter from its housing. When you remove the robotic pool cleaner from the pool, you can easily see if the filter needs to cleaned or if the B100 is ready to go again.



  • For pools up to 8 metres long
  • Cleans the floor – ideal for above-ground pools & small pools
  • Compatible with every pool shape and surface finish (stainless steel, concrete, liner, tiles, etc.)
  • Duration of the cleaning cycle: 1.5 hours
  • Guarantee of 2 years


Pool dimensions For pools up to 26 ft long (any shape or pool finish)
Cleaning type Floor
Cleaning cycle duration 1.5 hours
Filter type 4D, hyperfine microfiber, transparent filter lid
Filter access Easy Top Access, handle
Brushes High Corrugated PVA + Additional Rotating Brush
Dimensions 355mm x 410mm x 246mm
Full filter indicator No
Extra brush Rotating PVC brush
Navigation system Yes
Gyroscope system Yes
Platform 4 WD
Suction flow rate 19 m³/h
Cable length 16m, premium grey
Anti-tangle swivel No
Adjustable intake Yes, higher suction power
Remote control No
External timer capability Yes, also compatible with external Wi-Fi timers
Weight 9.5 kg
Caddy for transport/storage No
Warranty 2 years

BWT Robotic Pool Cleaner B100 Floor Only Hot on Sale