Waterco Trimline C50 Pool Filter Cartridge – Generic Element Online

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Waterco Trimline C50 Pool Filter Cartridge – Generic Element

The Waterco C50 Pool Filter Cartridge – Water TechniX Replacement Element is a premium high performance aftermarket element, identical in quality to the original element at a fraction of the price. A perfect swap for your cloudy pool!


  • Why buy from us? – Mr Pool Man is Australia’s largest retailer of aftermarket filter elements with 160,000+ happy customers!
  • Warranty – All filters come with a 12 month warranty and are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We love them too!
  • Low Maintenance – Strong pleats and supporting bands around each filter increase longevity and reduce maintenance!

Water TechniX filter elements utilise a world first design with the filter end caps which are made of a two-component polyurethane sealant and a special reinforcing fiber. This new design can withstand expansion at alternating temperatures, with no cracks or splits like other brands of elements on the market. 

All Water TechniX filters deliver safe and clear purified water to inspire the highest sense of happiness. They have powerful filtration performance with innovative “Dirt-Locking” Trilobal technology to capture much more contaminants than regular filter material. 

Water TechniX Filter cartridges are constructed with precision engineered free flowing cores. The Water TechniX Cores are also reinforced with advanced design supports to ensure they do not collapse or implode, which is quite common with inferior pool filter elements.

All Water TechniX pool equipment is backed by a factory warranty, we have years of experience helping pool owners just like you, providing free quotes and advice so you can decide which option is best for your pool, the Water TechniX Pool filter cartridges will be right at home in any backyard oasis! 

This is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers’ names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only. Water TechniX is an independent Australian owned and operated brand. 

Dimensions of Filter:

  • Diameter: 185mm
  • Length: 500mm
  • Hole: 77mm
  • End Style: Open
  • Generic replacement for filter part # 62042



  1. Revolutionary Quality – All Water TechniX Filters are manufactured from premium quality filtration material and molded end caps to ensure long life.
  2. Filtration Performance – The premium filtration material is strong, robust and ensures longer filter cycles with reduced maintenance.
  3. Precision High Flow Core – Water TechniX cores are reinforced with advanced design supports to ensure they do not collapse or implode.
  4. Chemical Resistant – The entire filter is manufactured from material that is heavy duty and resistant to chemicals, durable and strong enough to perform, clean after clean. 

      Waterco Trimline C50 Pool Filter Cartridge - Generic Element Online