Water TechniX Media Filter Aspire 28 inch 50mm Online now

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Water TechniX Media Filter Aspire 28 inch 50mm


  • Hydraulically designed high capacity tank for maximum filtration
  • Ergonomic 6 way high flow 50mm Bolt down on multiport valve 
  • Corrosion and UV Resistant high strength bobbin wound fiberglass shell
  • Built-in waste port sight glass for high visibility during backwashing 
  • Accurate stainless steel oil filled pressure gauge 
  • Self sealing barrel unions with silicone o rings
  • Ultra fine lateral filtration system
  • Robust base for extra stability
  • Drain plug for easy maintenance
  • Overall measurements 1150mm High x 700mm Wide
  • Tank diameter: 700mm / 28 inches
  • Max water flow rate @ 370 LPM
  • Please ensure you tighten laterals before installation!



  • Simple, hassle free backwash with large sight glass
  • Compatible with salt, mineral, chlorine and magnesium pools
  • Suitable for glass, sand and zelbrite media
  • Compatible with standard, eco and variable speed pumps
  • We recommend glass media for best results (not included)
  • Available in 2 different sizes, 25 inch & 28 inch for most pools
  • Factory pressure tested to ensure reliability
  • Lifetime expert support exclusive to Mr Pool Man customers
  • Glass media required: 160kgs


Introducing the Water TechniX Aspire Media Filter, the ultimate solution for crystal-clear pool water and hassle-free filtration. Constructed from almost indestructible bobbin-wound fiberglass, the Aspire Media Filter will give you years, if not decades, of reliable performance.

Say goodbye to leaky sand filters and cloudy pool water. The Aspire can get your pool crystal-clear in days and keep it sparkling for years to come. With simple, easy operation, maintenance is quick and effortless, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your backyard oasis.

The Aspire Media filters feature a 6-way, high-performance multiport, ensuring the optimum operation of the filter every cycle. It also includes a large oil-filled pressure gauge for easy reading of the operating pressure and a clear sight glass for backwashing visibility on the waste line.

Hydraulically designed, this filter has a high capacity tank that ensures easy and headache-free filtration all year round. Plus, the Water TechniX Aspire Media Filter comes with a bulletproof 10-year warranty on the tank, and a 1-year warranty on the valve and gauge, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected.

With a sleek design, it’s a simple DIY installation and can retrofit into existing sand filter pipework with minimal plumbing changes, using the included easy fit 40mm or 50mm unions, suitable for in-ground and plunge pools with the models 25 or 28inches to handle between 20,000L – 90,000L. Don’t settle for anything less than crystal-clear pool water, get the Water TechniX Aspire Media Filter today and experience the difference for yourself.

Delivered to your door in days, DIY-friendly installation, virtually indestructible, All aspects of the Aspire filter have been designed to match high performance pumps and enhance overall performance, allowing faster filtration using less energy. The TechniX Aspire Media Filter lets you spend time IN the pool rather than spending time maintaining it. 


Whats in the box:

  • 1 x Water TechniX Aspire Media Filter
  • 1 x Multiport
  • 1 x Pressure gauge 
  • 1 x Instructions


  • 10 year warranty on the tank
  • 1 year warranty on multiport valve and gauge 


    Glass Media Required:

    • 21″ Sand Filter – 1 coarse and 3 fine
    • 25″ Sand Filter – 2 coarse and 3 fine
    • 28″ Sand Filter – 3 coarse and 8 fine
    • 32″ Sand Filter – 5 coarse and 13 fine


    Valve Position
    Normal Filtration and Vacuuming
    Cleaning the Filter by reversing the water flow
    Used after backwash to flush dirt from pipes
    By-passes filter for circulating water to pool
    By-passes filter, used for vacuuming to waste with heavy debris or lowering water level


    Note – This item is considered oversized and cannot be returned due to change of mind.

    Water TechniX Media Filter Aspire 28 inch 50mm Online now