Water TechniX Filter Media Glass Coarse 20Kg Hot on Sale

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Water TechniX Filter Media Glass Coarse 20Kg

Glass Media is used in two grades – coarse and medium / fine. The coarse grade with a 1.7 to 3.4mm particle size is used to cover the under drain and laterals of the filter and  typically makes up 30% of total media requirement.

The Medium / Finer grade with a 0.4mm to 1.1mm particle size layered on the top of the coarse Grade and typically accounts for 70% of the media requirement. Glass Media is an alternative to conventional 16/30 grade sand media.


  • Tests show that Glass media catches more turbid particles
  • Cleans your pool water more effectively
  • Backwashes faster saving precious water, reducing lost chemicals
  • Made from 100% recycled material.
  • Longer lifetime (by up to 3 times).
  • Saves energy through easier pump loads and extended pump life.
  • Removes finer particles (down to 3 microns) from the water
  • Requires 20% less media to fill your filter
  • Uses up to 25% less water when backwashing


Glass is an integral part of any quality filtration system, it provides superior water flow reducing pressure with outstanding results. Ideally it works in conjunction with the mineral pool occulation process, amalgamating finer parts together which are caught in the filter, but is also effective with salt systems. When compared to a sand, zeolite, D.E. filter or cartridge filter, glass filtration media typically can save between 2,000 and 10,000 litres of water per year. 

It’s All About Water Flow

The better the flow rate through your pool’s filter, the more water you circulate each minute or hour. Simply by increasing your water ow rate with glass media, cumulative energy savings can be realised with more effective filtration.


Compatible filters

Glass media is ideal for all media filters


  • 21″ Sand Filter – 60kgs
  • 25″ Sand Filter – 100kgs
  • 28″ Sand Filter – 160kgs
  • 32″ Sand Filter – 280kgs
  • 36″ Sand Filter – 360kgs

    *Please note the brand of glass media may vary from supplier due to demand

    Water TechniX Filter Media Glass Coarse 20Kg Hot on Sale