Poolrite Salt Water Cell Surechlor 3000 SC210 Generic Discount

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Poolrite Salt Water Cell Surechlor 3000 SC210 Generic

It’s quality that makes the Generic Poolrite Surechlor 3000 SC210 Cells Mr Pool Man an easy and affordable choice and in the long run you’ll save time, money and guarantee that your chlorinator will have lasting performance for years to come.

The Generic Poolrite Surechlor 3000 SC210 Cells are well known in Australia for their excellent performance and remarkable durability. Made from the highest grade cell material, ensuring maximum life and maximum output with an excellent reputation for creating trouble-free, reliable and dependable electrodes.

Replacing your electrode will extend the life of your chlorinator and is an economical alternative to a complete replacement of your chlorinator.

Utilising tried and tested technology; replacement Poolrite Surechlor 3000 SC210 Cells  boast improvements in performance and durability. This is confidently demonstrated by their huge industry leading 2 Year warranty.

If your chlorinator is not outputting chlorine or check salt light is on, check the electrode for cracks, chips, or wear. Electrodes are parts that do experience heavy wear from normal operation of the chlorinator. Replace them when required to maintain its efficiency sanitizing your pool keeping your cleaning routine easy and worry-free.


  • Product: Poolrite Generic Electrode
  • Suits: SURECHLOR 3000 SC210
  • Includes rubber O Ring
  • 2 Years Full Warranty
  • Easy replacement of old cell with no adjustments
  • Heavy duty chemical resistant construction
  • Reliable product, built to be dependable and reliable


  • Plate type: Solid
  • Number of plates: 5
  • Plate length: 200mm
  • Amps: 20


Poolrite Salt Water Cell Surechlor 3000 SC210 Generic Discount