Onga Cartridge Filter Pantera PCFII – 150 sq ft on Sale

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Onga Cartridge Filter Pantera PCFII – 150 sq ft

In need of a cartridge filter? The Onga Cartridge Filter Pantera PCFII – 150 sq ft is a great choice for Australian residential pools up to 60,000 litres.


Onga PCF150 Cartridge filter Benefits

  • Ease of Access When Cleaning – The Onga Pantera Filters use a quick release lid locking ring for easy removal when the cartridge element needs to be cleaned
  • Compact Design – Allowing a more effective filtration area a cartridge filter takes up less space when compared to sand or D.E. filters. They are lightweight, compact and easy to install
  • Save water – When water is in short supply a Cartridge Filter is a wise choice, by using a cartridge filter you do not backwash to waste when cleaning is required. To clean the cartridge element you remove it from the housing and soak in a cleaning solution or fit a spray nozzle to your garden hose and wash away the debris
  • 40mm and 50mm Plumbing – For ease of installation the Onga Pantera range of cartridge filters inlcudes connections for both 40mm and 50mm plumbing for hassle free connection
  • Easy maintenance – There are no moving parts in the Onga Pantera Cartridge filter making them trouble free.


Onga Pantera PCF 150 Cartridge Filter

  • Brand: Pentair
  • MPN: PCFII-150
  • Warranty: 5 Years on tank and 6 months manufacturing defects for the element

Quick and Simple Cartridge Filter Installation Guide

Replacing your cartridge filter is quite simple and straightforward so you can be up and running in no time at all! 

  • Turn off your pump and close off any valves that lead to your current cartridge filter.
  •  Unscrew your existing cartridge filter and remove from your system. 
  • If you don’t have unions installed in your current setup, it’s a good idea to have some installed while you’re replacing your current filter. 
  • Screw in your new cartridge filter, open up all the valves and the air bleed valve on your cartridge filter. 
  • Turn on your pump. 
  • Once water starts to come out of the air bleed valve, close it up.
  • Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed your new cartridge filter!

Onga Cartridge Filter Pantera PCFII - 150 sq ft on Sale