Water TechniX Atomic WTA45 Salt & Magnesium Chlorinator – 45g Cheap

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Water TechniX Atomic WTA45 Salt & Magnesium Chlorinator – 45g


  • Robust and reliable ABS casing designed and built for Australian conditions
  • Energy-efficient switch mode power supply with adjustable chlorine output selector
  • 40 and 50mm plumbing ports make it suitable for new or retrofit applications
  • Premium titanium-coated salt cell plates
  • Low maintenance, reverse polarity self cleaning cell
  • Hydraulically designed high flow inline cell
  • Compatible with Salt water pools and mineral pools
  • Easy fit unions included to suit all pipes- 50mm Inner diameter, 60mm outer diameter
  • Compact design for tight areas: 23cm x 20cm x 10cm
  • Cell length including unions (L): 32cm
  • Cable length 1.6m 



  • Simple set and forget touchpad control panel with clock function and LED lights
  • Schedule your pump operation with built in battery backup timers
  • Energy efficient and whisper quiet operation even at high output
  • Compatible with salt, mineral, chlorine and magnesium pools
  • Plug and play 10amp Australian lead to connect directly into power
  • Lifetime expert support exclusive to Mr Pool Man customers
  • Low salt operation: 2500-3500ppm
  • Helps to eliminate skin irritations, red eyes with magnesium salts 


Introducing the Water TechniX Atomic Salt Water Chlorinator – the ultimate solution for crystal-clear pool water. Say goodbye to constant maintenance and high chlorine costs with the industry-leading Atomic Salt Chlorinator and Mineral Chlorinator in One. It’s designed for harsh Australian environments and can keep your pool sparkling clean with ease.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your chlorine usage or upgrading your failing system, the Water TechniX Atomic Salt Chlorinator is the efficient and cost-effective choice. With a simple touch pad control for easy adjustments, built-in analog timer, and a sleek compact design, it’s a DIY-friendly solution.

The Atomic salt Chlorinator continuously generates chlorine to achieve optimum sanitization required in any pool, and its high-flow, self-cleaning, reverse polarity salt cell ensures maintenance is a breeze all year round. The salt cell is manufactured with premium titanium-coated plates, ensuring longevity and also features a SuperChlor mode for maximum chlorine production, even under heavy bather loads during the summer heat.

The Atomic salt chlorinator and mineral chlorinator in one also works with magnesium minerals, so you can enjoy a mineral pool without the addition of specialized (and expensive) mineral chlorinators. It can retrofit into existing pipework with minimal plumbing changes and it’s suitable for in-ground and plunge pools between 20,000L – 90,000L depending on the model of Atomic salt water chlorinator.

Avoid the headaches of a green pool and the expenses that come with restoring it. Set and forget your Water TechniX Atomic salt water chlorinator to keep your pool swim-safe and sanitized all year round, automatically. With free delivery straight to your door and reliable year-round operation under harsh Australian conditions, you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time worrying about the cost of running it. Get your Water TechniX Atomic Salt Water Chlorinator today and experience the difference for yourself!

Whats in the box:

  • 1 x Water TechniX Atomic Salt Chlorinator and mineral chlorinator in one
  • 1 x Water TechniX Atomic Inline self cleaning salt cell
  • 2 x Easy fit 50mm unions
  • 2 x 50mm Reducing brushes
  • 1 x Instruction manual



  • 2 year warranty on power pack and cell



  • Output: 45 gram/hr
  • Maximum average pool size (liters): 95,000

Water TechniX Atomic WTA45 Salt & Magnesium Chlorinator - 45g Cheap