Pool Pump Motor Bearing 6201 Supply

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Pool Pump Motor Bearing 6201

Common Pool Pump Motor Bearings are manufactured from heavy duty material. List below has the most common pool & spa pump bearings. All are name-brand (not cheap, generic) and are OEM or higher grade. 

Replacement bearings used in most pool pumps including, Poolrite, Hurlcon, Stroud, Quiptron, Spa-Quip, Questa, FPI, Poolstore and Onga Pantera pumps.

We recommend changing the mechanical seal in the pump when changing the bearings, if there has been water leaking from the wet end, it could have penetrated into the motor housing causing corrosion to the bearings. Please ensure your pump drive shaft requires the 3/4 size which is the most common pool pump Mechanical Seal.

Please check your existing Bearings to ensure the measurements match

  • Diameter: 32mm
  • Internal Hole: 12mm
  • Width: 10mm


Bearing size chart for reference: 

  • 6201 – OD: 32mm ID: 12mm W: 10mm (6201-2RSH)
  • 6202 – OD: 35mm ID: 15mm W: 11mm (6202-2RSH)
    • (Onga 703610 – Suits LTP 550, 750, 1100)
  • 6203 – OD: 40mm ID: 17mm W: 12mm (6203-2RSH)
  • 6204 – OD: 47mm ID: 20mm W: 14mm (6204-2RSH)
    • (Onga 703612 – Suits PPP 550, 750, 1100)
  • 6205 – OD: 52mm ID: 25mm W: 15mm (6205-2RSH)
  • 6302 – OD: 42mm ID: 15mm W: 13mm (6302-2RSH)
  • 6303 – OD: 47mm ID: 17mm W: 14mm (6303-2RSH)
  • 6304 – OD: 52mm ID: 20mm W: 14mm (6304-2RSH)


Pool Pump Motor Bearing 6201 Supply